Gratitude 22May14 Laughter with a chance of confusion

There is nothing like a good laugh. The kind of laugh that comes from down deep — a belly laugh. The kind that makes you snort, eyes water and gives you a brief gift of euphoria. What I know to be true for myself is laughter is the best of all my medications.  I find when I laugh, I feel better, inside and out. I often find laughter to be contagious. My grandson is a wonderful source of laughter. He is in that mid-teen age when burps, farts and hearing me scream hysterically on a roller coaster are all very funny. When he starts, I can’t help but join in!



The past few days has provided me with some comic relief. For instance take last night, I put in my iPod ear-buds to rock out to some Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter.” While dancing around like a wild woman I looked up to see the “used to be” empty unit across from me now has an occupant. She gave me a thumbs up and did the “cat eye” dance move back at me. Yes, I was doing the whole cat eye thing. Then there was today when I got up late and dashed to my doctor appointment. Only to be told by the very nice receptionist “I am pretty sure your dress is inside out.” Only to be topped by my cash card not working at Target because I was using my library card. “Opps, my bad.” Let me adjust my blog title to .. Laughter with a major chance caused by confusion. The thing is — I laughed at myself. In retrospect, it was all funny and it by far is the best medication I have taken.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • The movie Last Vegas that makes me laugh
  • My house is a wonderful disaster of chaos
  • My WordPress blog is now a premium site! woo hoo! Watch for big improvements as soon as i can decipher my WordPress for Dummies book.

I wish you the gift of laughter in your life.

affectionately yours, Laura

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