Gratitude 08May14 I am the 1 in 10

A picture of a Malaysia Boeing 777 airplane via

A picture of a Malaysia Boeing 777 airplane via

Well, finally there are some articles that say what I have been thinking. I am not the only one in America that believes aliens had something to do with the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370. What else can explain this mystery that continues to baffle the best of the best in the science of aviation? Nations from around the world have joined in the search. Scientists, experts, planes, ships and underwater submarines with location computers have scan thousands of ocean miles with no success. No debris or trace of a sign left behind. Nada. Nothing. Opps, I stand corrected. There was 3 different areas where “pings” were heard.

Yesterday The Huffington Post had a front page section devoted to an article on this very topic. It even include a poll conducted by CNN. Who in my opinion is considered a more reliable source. Unlike say, the National Enquirer, (forgive me Dad who believes the NE is the gospel of truth.) The article states the following:

“Nearly one in 10 Americans believes that aliens were involved in the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 two months ago, according to a new poll. The plane vanished with 239 people aboard, prompting a variety of outlandish theories about what could have happened to it. Now, a poll has shown 9% of Americans think that aliens or “beings from another dimension” are behind the missing airliner, CNN has reported.”

The alien theory is not the only one. Doing research I found thirteen plus theories. Here are a few of the most intriguing. The United States is hiding the plane at it’s military base located on the remote island of Diego Garcia. Russia believes the flight is being held captive in Afghanistan. Malaysia officials have suggest this is all part of an elaborate life insurance policy fraud. That being the reason they are holding off on declaring a complete loss. The possibility of a terrorist attack continues to be the go-to theory.

Today I am thank for ..

  • The feeling of calm that I know where my loved ones are
  • A wonderful thunderstorm
  • The movie Spiderman that I am guilty of covering my eyes at some parts
  • A hopeful Mother’s Day

The fact’s we do know about Malaysia flight 370 that are not debatable — a Boeing 777 plane. one of the most popular planes in the world, disappeared without a trace. It carried 12 crew members and 227 passengers on board. Leaving behind 239 families to mourn the loss of their loved ones with no viable reason why, yet.  For their peace of mind I pray.

affectionately yours, Laura

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