Gratitude 07May14 The Body Book

I am in the process of reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. As a disclaimer, although I have always admired her as an actress, I was a bit skeptical about her writing a book of this nature. What pushed me to read it was her body in her new blockbuster movie The Other Woman. Whatever she is doing,  she looks amazing for a woman in her 40’s! She is the image of healthy. Not skin and bones — rather she has curves. Also, huge prop’s to her for what appears to be an “unaltered” face. Happily, she did not disappoint. The book is well written in an everyday lexicon and she keeps it up beat with some humor. I especially like the organization of the chapter structure. You can easily just read a chapter or as in my case, the whole book.

Sadie Lady 3 and The Body Book ©llpeltier

Sadie Lady 3 and The Body Book

Whenever I read a book about the female body I am in awe. The biological make-up of a woman is not to be taken lightly. It is beautiful in stature, strong, resilient and capable of creating and birthing human life. Whoa. Diaz has designed the book specifically toward a female audience. She begins her book with nutrition and the building blocks of what it is and how it works. She breaks everything down from hunger to digestion. In between she breaks down how food affects your body.

Diaz takes great care in writing about the history of food in the United States and how it has changed American’s health with that progression. One example she gives really hit home with me. Think about your cell phone. Before you leave your house in the morning; do you make sure it is charged and ready for use? Most people don’t eat breakfast before leaving home to ensure they are “charged and ready for use.” Quite the reality check that we take better care of our “things” than we do ourselves.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • My lavender vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works
  • My Sadie Lady 3 (Lily of the Valley) is getting ready to bloom!
  • I am a third of the way to my goal of 5,000 written words this week. Doesn’t sound like much till you start writing!
  • A Santi day is always a good day
My smile to you! Have a blessed day. ©llpeltier

My smile to you! Have a blessed day. ©llpeltier

At some point today you are going to encounter a person in need of a smile. You never know what story a person has lived. It doesn’t cost you a thing to share your smile. You never know what that simple gift could mean to someone. Pay it forward.

affectionately yours, Laura


One thought on “Gratitude 07May14 The Body Book

  1. Thanks for the good review of The Body Book by Cameron Diaz I’ll have to read it too. And is that your new desk if so, look’in good and I love your new place, looks so homey.


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