Gratitude 2May14 Mother Nature is NOT happy

The weather around the world should give all of us a healthy dose of concern. We are in an age of extreme weather. Take the winter we just had in Minneapolis. Numerous records were broken, to include, 49 days below zero from January 2014 – April 2014. That is in the top 5 of coldest winter’s — ever. Across the nation weather patterns are changing. I saw an article on that said the weather in Florida was so cold the oranges were squeezing themselves to keep warm. At the same time, ski lodges in Alaska were closing because it was too warm. Yesterday California was in the 100’s, Colorado had places as cold as 11 and most states of the mid to eastern United States were getting up to 2 inches of rain a day. Crazy? Yes.



We are now heading into spring with historic breaking records of rain, flooding and storms. Out of curiosity I Googled the predictions for the weather patterns for summer 2014. led their article titled “Summer 2014: Series of Storms to Attack Central US, Mid-Atlantic” with this “As summer 2014 takes shape, Mother Nature will show no mercy as the West will sink deeper into drought and severe thunderstorms will ignite from the Plains to the southern mid-Atlantic.” Well, that sounds like a great time. Whatever the reasons — be it the global warming, too many satellites in space, or pollution — Mother Nature is NOT happy. The scariest thing is we are at her mercy. For now I am taking it one weather day at a time. Hopefully, Minneapolis will see some sunshine this weekend. 

Today I am thankful for ..

  • to sleep early and up early
  • my office area is coming into focus
  • old Frasier episodes that make me laugh

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Take the time to do something nice for yourself. Then pay it forward.

affectionately yours, Laura


One thought on “Gratitude 2May14 Mother Nature is NOT happy

  1. The world is a living organism and because of that there is bound to be changes as it continues to evolve. My faith is not in the human meteorologist and his predictions although they may be right…my faith is in the Creator of the Earth and all that is on and in it. Although I am concerned about those who may be hurt because of extreme weather I still believe God is in Control.


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