gratitude 25april14 blessings and consequences

be careful of what you wish for. wishes do come true and they come with blessings and consequences. i wish i was younger — then you would have to relive all of your time over again. being true to yourself means you would probably make the same choices all over again. i wish i was richer — if you are unhappy or don’t like yourself , it would just mean you’d get to be unhappy in a more expensive way. more financial responsibilities and taxes to pay. more people around you who are there possibly with questionable motives. you get my drift.

via pinterst / wild sisterhood

via pinterst / wild sisterhood

i truly believe that unless you are happy and content where you are in your life right now, it would be very difficult to be happy and content with more. i have written about money can’t buy it. we read about the stories every day in the media about people who have it all, yet, have nothing. so, as i look around my studio apartment, i am grateful for what i have and where i am at this time in my life. i am at this place in time for a reason.



today i am thankful for ..

  • my uncle philie .. he is a wonderful man
  • the sun is out today and sending rainbows into my space through my crystals
  • fresh strawberries — delicious!

affectionately yours, Laura

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