gratitude 23april14 negativity firewall


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words are powerful. i am learning to guard my words carefully. words have the potential to cause good or bad. they leave lasting impressions in the minds of people who hear them. when words of gossip are spoken, they form impressions that are not truth. they are based on opinions. often what is said is more about the other person than the person being talked about. how you feel about others often reflects one’s own fears and prejudices.

yet, if you think about it, if someone you trust tells you their version about a situation, your tendency is to believe that perception of events without much thought to the other side of the event. leaving you with a belief of another that may not be accurate. my granny always said “there are two sides to every story. somewhere in the middle is the truth.”

the life lesson i have taken to heart is .. if someone will share gossip with you — they will gossip about you to others. the thing i am beginning to focus on is in this quote by jay-z. what image am i portraying that would make someone comfortable to talk negativity into my world. how do i change that? i have begun to build what i think of as a negativity firewall around myself. kind of like how a computer has a firewall to ward off viruses. when something comes into my brain that triggers that “oh, not cool” thought within, i am acting upon it quickly like teflon — i want to reflect it away from me.

i have become very selfish about my emotional energy. i guard it with fierce passion. it motivates me to stay around positive and uplifting people, things and events. i don’t want anyone to feel comfortable to talk bullshit, gossip or drama into my world. there is enough of my own i use my emotional reserve to sort out without adding someone else’s. in the same line of thought, i don’t spend much time or energy on those who pre-judge me based on the gossip or opinion of others. call me a dreamer, but, i still hold on to the belief that the truth will always come forth. much like i have learned no matter how dark my world gets; the light will come again. and that i know without a doubt.

today i am thankful for ..

  • for the first time ever, i am hooked on a reality show, the voice! love it.
  • i now have my set-up .. thank you to my brother
  • i hit my 10,000 steps today 🙂
  • love. love. love. my life

today i am listening to .. one more night by maroon 5

today you will come across someone who needs a kind word or a smile. doesn’t cost a thing but a moment of your time. pay it forward and life will return it to you.

affectionately yours, Laura

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