gratitude 22april14 in the swim

via pinterest

via pinterest

going to my water aerobic class is one of my favorite things to do. okay, let me clarify that. the exercise is hard work. what i enjoy is the women who attend it with me. there is a camaraderie among us. some come to class to socialize. i am not sure how they discuss their husbands, children, recipes and all the topics while exercising — yet, they do. when i am not out of breath and trying to keep all 5 feet of me out of the too deep water, i enjoy their banter. some like me, come to work out and feel the bonding of women.

i have grown fond of many of the women and have nick-named them. there is ms. twins who is a die-hard twins fan. this woman knows the players and their stats. when she talks about the twins; i talk about the miami heat. we politely listen to each other very confused. there is ms flamingo who decorates everything with those pink birds. ms blunt, who i am positive is always stoned, ms hot stuff who at 70+ puts all of our bodies to shame. i was in a yoga class with her and she can do unbelievable things with her body. she laughed when i told her that and said her husband is a happy man! lol. i bet he is.

via pinterest diana nyadlooking around the locker room yesterday i felt content. without knowing, they are teaching me important life lessons. one, age is a state of mind. these women are vibrant, enthusiastic and fun. two, all women when you hit a certain age have the same body shape. even ms hot stuff with her perfect body has bumps and dimples. it is a kind reminder to me that a woman’s body is beautiful whatever her age. it makes me kinder to my body and appreciative of its form. three, how important the bond and friendship of other women is. i may not have a one-on-one relationship with each, however, those twice a week classes make my world a better place.

today i am thankful for ..

  • the wonderful breeze that is coming into my home
  • my new blender — it is the
  • my granny .. how i still love and miss her

today i am listening to .. joni mitchells greatest hits

get outside today! take a moment to look around at the new season of spring we are experiencing. there is new life everywhere you look. green grass, flowers peaking up after a long winter, new buds on the trees ready to greet the sun. take a deep breath and smell the fresh air. quickly, think of three things you are grateful for. see, life really is wonderful.

affectionately yours, Laura

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