gratitude 21april14 back in the groove

via pinterest / wild women sisterhood

via pinterest / wild women sisterhood

i have spent the past hour searching online for people who became successful late in life. i was happy to discover there are many. julia child, colonel sanders, grandma moses, maya angelou, susan boyle, and alfred hitchcock to name a few. all of their stories are filled with fascinating facts of a desire within that they each refused to let go of. the common thread among all is — they continued their struggle against all of the odds until they reached their goals. they did not give up.

it is a healthy reminder to me — that no dream is unreachable. that despite any obstacle you can achieve your dreams. a friend recently sent me this quote “you have to give up the shit that is weighing you down if you want to fly.”  a reminder that the sky is vast and waiting for any of us to soar into it if we are willing to make the sacrifice.

today i am thankful for ..

  • a peaceful and happy easter
  • clarity of mind and spirit
  • the freedom and opportunity in my life
  • water aerobics is my friend

enjoy your day. it is the only 21st of april 2014 you will ever get to live. make it count. life is short ~ live it well.

affectionately yours, Laura

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