gratitude 11april14 another life lesson

I recently heard this story .. A grandfather was taking his grandson and his donkey to town. He put his grandson on the donkey and was walking next to them. Several people walking by said “Look at that selfish little boy riding on the donkey and making that old man walk.” The grandfather, after hearing that, got on the donkey and had his grandson walk beside him. Another group walking by said “Look at that selfish old man making that child walk while he rides.” So, the grandfather picked up his grandson and placed him behind him on the donkey. A little while later they encountered a woman who said “How mean of you to have that poor donkey carry the two of you!” The grandfather and grandson carried the donkey the rest of the way into town.

The life lesson — you will never please everyone. Stay true to yourself and what you know is right for you. Don’t get distracted by the opinions of others.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • being comfortable with who i am
  • warm weather, blue skies and sunshine
  • the love in my life
  • forgiveness of self and others

via bing image search

affectionately yours, Laura

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