gratitude 28march14 the power of perception

“Humans see what they want to see.”
 Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

i recently had a lengthy conversation about the power of perception vs reality. one side could be argued that fact was fact. bottom line 2+2 will always equal four. a square will always have 4 sides. what can be scientifically proven is reality. there is no other way to perceive life in any other manner. the other side is that if you are told something long enough that will become your reality even with scientific proof. with each culture, there are different beliefs and perceptions of what is their reality. our perception is based on what we are comfortable with — it becomes our reality.

via google

via google

i recently have become interested in the concept of metaphysics. metaphysics as defined on google as “the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.” i have been reading a book called E Squared by Pam Grout. her thesis is that everything is made of energy. what we believe as fact comes from our perception of how we view the world in relation to what is familiar to us. we become accustom to what we like. we are attracted to only that which is pleasing to us. while that sounds all comfortable and secure, Grout argues it keeps us from looking outside our comfort zone at new and different experiences. thus, our reality is just perception of how we want to view the world.

Grout’s book is composed of 9 experiments to challenge an individual to look at what is not familiar. one of the first experiments is to pick a strange color of car that you rarely see. i picked bright yellow and got my grandson Santi involved with it, too. the experiments are designed to be in 48 hour segments. so, for 48 hours we tallied how many bright yellow cars we saw. i was amazed of when i became aware and looking for them how many bright yellow cars we have seen. another experiment i did out of curiosity was how many times i saw license plates with 3 of the same numbers. again, i was surprised to find them.

another perception vs reality is often color itself. if you were to look at a pink shirt and ask someone what color is that? you might get every color from rose, pink, coral or what that person’s perception is. take a picture of an ocean and ask another what do you see? what color is the water? again, the reality will be very different from perception. it’s a fascinating topic of conversation. one of my latest goals ~ talk about ideas, things, and concepts. if you get the chance, check out the book.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i am getting my day started very early .. too early
  • i have been so grateful for time with friends this week
  • i feel myself growing outside of my comfort zone and am going with the flow
  • being guided by my inner feelings, not doubting myself is a comfort


via facebook/fascinating places

via facebook/fascinating places

wishing everyone a restful and relaxing weekend. be kind to yourself.

affectionately yours, Laura

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