gratitiude 25march14 minnesota love

yesterday i opened my blinds to the view of snow falling. honestly, my first thought was “what the fuck?” it was officially spring as of several days ago. determined to keep up with my efforts to increase my step count back to 10,000 a day again, i bundled up and headed out into the snow. as i walked my thoughts went from “how did i lose my healthy routine so quickly?” with my move and the eating of fast food on the run, let’s just say the folks at mcdonalds now say “hey, laura! same order today?” you get my drift. however i digress. i am in my new home and struggling back to my routine of healthy eating, exercise and daily writing.

one of my next thoughts was “why do i live here and subject myself to this weather?” memories came back and i am reminded that there have been times in my life i have lived on both coasts and inbetween.  each time, i chose to head home to minnesota. yes, it’s snowing and the breeze off the river on my walking trail was causing concern for frost bite on my cheeks. i remind myself under this snow is spring waiting to greet us. the wonderful rain that washes away the winter dirt, the sighting of the first robin and tulip of the year. that in turn gives way to summertime and the sunshine, picnics and lazy evening breezes. the beauty of brilliant colored leaves in flaming red, orange and gold leaves will announce the arrival of fall. the smell of campfires, crisp air, football and hoodies. and yes, at some point we will again be beginning to pray for a white christmas. the minnesota weather cycle predictably continues.

it’s what i love about this state. the changing of seasons. i agree living in a paradise of a warm winter is amazing. yet, even that daily sunshine burns if you get too much. no matter how perfect, eventually one day rolls into another of the same. i like the change despite my occasional bitching about snow and mosquitos. i looked around as i walked the trail along the mississippi river that has become my route. even though i couldn’t feel my cheeks as i smiled, i watched a plane heading into land at the st paul airport, a family of geese waddling along one after another, greeted a fellow walker and his dog. i felt even happier knowing we are one day closer to spring. i did however take a selfie picture as a reality check for any complaining this summer — my aviators are frozen — priceless!

today i am thankful for ..

  • lou, jaz, santi and lucy
  • my sadie lady the III, lily of the valley, is beginning to sprout wonderful green pips
  • i found my Wii Fit .. of all things to lose in my move! what a relief to find it
  • forgiveness .. i am trying to give up swearing fluently for lent. i’ll be going to confession saturday afternoon, damn it. i mean .. darn it ..

today i am listening to an eclectic 57 song playlist on my ipod nano i have titled 57 & amazing ..



my meditation today is for the survivors of flight 370 and the mud slide in seattle. may all affected find their way to acceptance and peace. i offer up light, love and prayers for their healing.

affectionately yours, Laura

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