Gratitude 22March14 one day only regrets ..

one day we will question were all the missed memories and moments away from each other really worth it? where the differences between us so far apart that we couldn’t find a compromise? were our life style choices such we could not accept each other for who we are as individuals? each day passes and it can not be relived. the choices we make about each other, we carry into our life time.

one day just passed. another 24 hours that were a missed opportunity to love, learn, support and appreciate one another. no matter how deep the valley, a bridge can be built. no matter how big the challenge, where there is love, there is a way. within me is a connection to you. it takes energy to deny that with every look in the mirror, every memory and incompleteness within. the emotional force that justifies the need to separate for the best of all — initially it made sense — now it seems a way of avoidance and cowardice.

one day, many days ago, saying you are not worth the fight no longer made sense. i could not disrespect you in such a manner. the aching of my heart confirmed and i told myself it is all worth the fight. the fight to say i love you for who you are, i accept you for who you are, i respect you without judgement. it is worth the negotiation to find respectful boundaries. it is taking a stand of i love you beyond anything you could possibly have done in the past or will do in the future. you are worth the time and effort to have a relationship with you. i love you. i like you. i respect you. i admire you. i am proud of you.

one day it will be too late. as each day becomes another day and another and another. there will come a time when one of us will end our life journey, so it is with life. there is no rewind or repeat. i go to sleep meditating and praying sending into the universe the deepest of my desire for those i love and miss so very much. and i wonder how painful will it be when the time comes that we say ..  “if wishes came true ~ i would have, i wish i could have, i should have” sadly, we will be left with only regrets.

my fadora

affectionately yours, Laura

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