gratitude 13march14 life is conquerable

this morning i officially have more boxes in my home then i do in my storage unit! ta da! progress is happening slow and steady. i have threatened comcast with a lawsuit for emotional hardship if my cable is not turned on in time for scandal tonight.

what i have once again learned is anything in life is conquerable if you break the task into smaller pieces. any task can be broken into s.m.a.r.t. goals — my big two are — make it realistic and make it manageable.. keep your daily task list limited so what you do, you do it exceptionally well. piece by piece the puzzle of whatever the situation will reveal to you the complete picture.

life is 10% situation and 90% your response. what others say and do is more about who they are then who they say you are or label you. i am not sure why i added that; someone must have needed to read it.

today i am thankful for ..

  • the weather is fantastic! sunshine and warm
  • i am sitting in my favorite coffee shop in bliss
  • sadie lady III, my birthday lily of the valley, arrived yesterday!
  • i have figured out how to turn on my new cell phone and sent my first text

today i am listening to .. creeping by eric church

Imagewishing you each an exceptional day and if you can pay it forward in some small way. a smile or opening a door doesn’t cost anything.

affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “gratitude 13march14 life is conquerable

  1. I like the quote anything in life is conquerable if you break the task into smaller pieces. I guess it’s what I needed to hear. I have a speech that is due on Monday. I’ve never written a speech before and it’s a daunting task…but little by little I’ve been chipping away at it. My goal is to be done writing it by tomorrow afternoon. The I have to video take myself giving the speech. Wish me luck!


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