gratitude 10march14 drama queen

i am a bit of a drama queen today. while walking just now i almost couldn’t stand myself! i am tired and sore. i can’t find the screws to my bed. comcast won’t be hooked up till friday. i have many, many more trips of boxes to bring from my storage unit. then they have to be unpacked. you get the picture. on the flip side — the sun is shining, it is warm, the snow is melting.

if not today, tomorrow or the next day .. it will all get done. this drama queen is going to go meditate in the sunshine and give thanks for all things good in my life.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i have a big deep wonderful bathtub
  • despite it all; it really is a wonderful world

today i am listening to joni mitchell’s greatest hits


affectionately yours, Laura 

One thought on “gratitude 10march14 drama queen

  1. Ok, I’m glad you decided to meditate on all the good things you have in your life. Because if you didn’t take time to be thankful, I was going to put you on a time out! LOL!


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