gratitude 7march14 back to basics

when i began writing this, over 400+ blogs ago in september 2012, it was with the intent of focusing on what i was grateful for in my life. along the way i wrote about life happenings, my favorite things, being a warrior in the struggle of depression and revealed i am fascinated with words. at times i allowed my imagination to take us to far away places and the “what if’s” of life. you discovered i have an “interesting” to say the least music taste and the majority of pictures shared are of my love for the water. must be the pisces in me, ya think?

despite the eclectic words that have been delivered from my heart to yours — i have tried my best to keep them focused on being grateful and paying it forward. it was a sharing of the things i document in my journal. it is what my life has come done to. when i prioritize what is important to me and where my peace of mind and what my content spirit feeds on; it always comes back to what i am grateful for. it calms me and soothes me. not just that, it brings me back to reality. we all know when i get on that crazy train and don’t know how to get off the damage that is done. now, when i arrive at the train station, gratitude has me rethinking  before i buy the one way ticket to crazyville and climbing onboard for the doomed ride.

gratitude is a noun and it is the feeling of appreciation or thanks. the freedom that comes with being grateful is .. it can be anything from a good cup of coffee to the love of your significant other. there is no limits or boundaries. i am learning to give thanks for the hard times, the struggles because they too turn into some lesson to be grateful for. when life seems overwhelming, when it all just seems out of control, you don’t think you can handle one more thing — take a deep breath and look around you — do you have clothes of your choosing on? have you eaten today? did you sleep in a warm bed last night? do you have the love of others? give thanks, it really is a wonderful world to be grateful and give thanks.

today i am thankful for ..

  • my birthday wishes are still coming in; the next time depression tells me “no one loves you, everyone will be relieved to have you gone” i will call her a liar with evidence to back it up
  • i splurged on pizza and chocolate cake with iysanti. lol. my feet look like rising bread dough and my kidney red warning light is flashing. it was well worth it!
  • it is going to be in the 30+ above zero today! somewhere today you will see a minnesotan die-hard with shorts on, just because!

today i am listening to .. “used to rule the world” cd by bonnie raitt

Imagetoday’s picture is how i have been feeling lately ..

wishing you happiness and love with all 5′ of me. i am so grateful to each of you.

affectionately yours, Laura

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