gratitude 6march14 no place like home

my move is complete. with the exceptional of a few miscellaneous things i have with me, everything that is mine is at my new space. i will now begin the journey of making it my home. i give glory to God and been so grateful for the gifts of being organized, a cleaning machine and creative. whenever i think “i wish God had given me special gifts” i stop my roll and give thanks for the gifts he blessed me with. i am a moving goddess! however, this moving goddess is tired of moving. i am ready to lock it down for years. or until i get the money to have someone move it all for me!

there was a time i would stay in an unhappy situation out of fear of the unknown and insecurity. no more, i embrace my life lesson of keep trying and grooving until i find what makes me happy. starting over and the work doesn’t scare me anymore. it doesn’t paralyze me with the “what if’s?” it will be my focus for this year. the spotlight is on me. finding what makes me happy and content. sound selfish? maybe. yet, it’s long over due.

now that the physical work is over, i can focus on the positives. i haven’t lived in a studio unit since i was in college. it’s a new experience and challenge of juggling and thinking outside of the box. i have extreme joy is there is a lock on my door and for the first time in 6 years i will have my own bathtub — not just a shower!  i might resemble and california raisin for a bit. lol. i have a 3 season porch that i am thrilled with. windows for the sunshine to shine through and create rainbows in my space. yes, you are right if you are thinking my mind is in over drive with ideas! my pinterest.ccom board attests to that!

today i am thankful for:

  • being braver then i thought i was
  • my body has not failed me; although my kidneys are sending me an s.o.s. today
  • my birthday humbled me; i felt so much love.
  • my siblings: biological and adopted. each has shared a lesson that i carry with me

today i am listening to bob marley’s one love cd ..


the sun is out, minneapolis is above zero! enjoy! if you can, pay it forward today. someone you see today is in need.

affectionately yours, Laura

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