gratitude 28february14 labels and calories

via Ebony Magazine

via Ebony Magazine

I love you, Michelle, honest I do. I think as a first lady you have shown grace and poise in the face of the drama that has swirled around you. You support your man, protect your babies and handle your household. I have a profound respect for that. Your project to help veterans with Jill Biden is admirable. The way you took on childhood obesity and the Get Moving program courageous. However, your latest project supporting the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in restructuring food labels has me a bit on the “what the hell?” side.



I know your intentions are good. Yesterday, I watched as you explained it. You want us to be able to grab a food item and see if what you are buying is healthy. The thing is, Michelle, sometimes I like when my portion size and the calories I am consuming are on the vague side. Like, take for instance, my Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry ice cream. I can live with consuming a half a container as being one serving for 290 calories. Not bad, I can walk those calories off. Until I read the fine print (that you want enlarged in big print) that a serving is really a half cup. Who eats only a half cup of Chunky Monkey? Especially if you are having a full blown pity party? This is right up there with McDonald’s putting calories next to my beloved limited edition Shamrock shake (660 calories) on the menu. My Shamrock shake will never be the same. In good consciousness I now limit myself to one on St Patrick Day versus one or so a week.

Sigh. Reality can be a real bitch. I know you’re doing this with the best intentions for me and our country. I am wondering if there could be a few products that would not have calories and portion size in size 18 font? I am thinking M&M Peanuts, Chunky Monkey, and my current obsession Wheat Thins Sun Tomato and Basil crackers. I do reserve the right to revisit these recomendations if they legalize marijuana in Minnesota (for medicinal purposes only).

today i am thankful for ..

  • this afternoon i will be handed the keys to my new home
  • scandal last night was wild!
  • we are one day closer to warmer weather
  • my life is comfortable

today i am listening to “A Long Walk” by Jill Scott

via Facebook/Fantastic Places

via Facebook/Fantastic Places

This picture is of a statue in Brooklyn, New York. The next time I am there I want to visit it. I am going to get a large copy of it and hang it in my new home. In many ways it reflects how I feel about my life right now.  I feel strong, glowing within, and still solid despite the cracks from age. She is beautiful with all her flaws.

Have a wonderful weekend.

affectionately yours, Laura

2 thoughts on “gratitude 28february14 labels and calories

  1. Hey Laura, just want to say I read your blogs daily and enjoy them very much. Keep them coming my dear friend, it is something I look forward too! X0 Roxie


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