gratititude 27february14 dear mother nature

dear mother nature,

we really appreciated the white christmas. the snowmobilers and skiers i am sure are thanking you profusely for the snow. however, being as march is a day away, enough of winter already. we get that you are not happy with the way we are treating your world. the tornadoes last summer, tsunami’s, earth quakes and all the other unusual weather occurrences around the world are testimony to that.

since we are going into march like a lion, right now it’s -11 with a -32 wind chill, i am pleading that we wrap this winter season up and head into april like a lamb. i am sure you will be getting petitions from the tulips, daffodil and crocus committees for a timely spring arrival.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i am 2 days away from my new home
  • the song “happy” by pharrell makes me happy
  • it’s finally here — scandal new episode

dock for one via

i am be here physically, however, my mind i am on this dock in the shine ..

affectionately yours, Laura

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