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via google search

i have some more major organizing and planning strategy in the weeks ahead of me. not being quite “right bright” at this time, i am beginning to feel overwhelmed. i quickly went back to my taking good care of myself and keeping it simple approach. making sure i am sleeping, eating healthy, exercising and a list of 5 things a day i can achieve.  i let go of that obsessive panic of all beyond that and the swirling “what if” scenarios. with an outline for the next week, i got out my S.M.A.R.T. goal worksheets and got down and dirty with its principles. okay, are my goals specific? are they measurable? attainable? how do i measure their success? and what is my time-table for them.

february 2014 sort 170i grabbed my trusty wonder woman journal and started to write. get all the feelings on paper and out of my head. of all the hard work that lies ahead, it’s going to be alright. all is well in my world. despite where i am today ~ i remind myself this is one small piece of my life. it will pass. that and a reminder my statistics of success are greater than my failures. my life is filled with challenges. the energy it takes to get out of bed some days is epic, yet, i do it day after day. so it is with the realities of depression. all the more the reason to keep it simple and manageable. with that, the release of the overwhelming and negativity. yes, i have 99 problems, yet, i’ve eliminated at least one of them.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i made it through today
  • i have a workable plan in place
  • bath&body works sleep products are amazing

today i am listening to “i get by with a little help from my friends” by the beatles



affectionately yours, Laura

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