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no, i am not going to blog about kayne west’s song “love lockdown”. however, it is one of the few songs of his i like and i have on my ipod. my long-term bucket list includes the mission to go to paris and place a lock on the historical bridge pont des arts. this particular bridge has a legend that this is the bridge for “committed love.” there are “love lock” bridges all over the world. however, paris being my first european city i would like to visit and the pictures i have seen of this bridge, well, there you have my logic should you be wondering. according to bonjour paris, of which i am a faithful subscriber, here is an excerpt from their blog:

“For those of you who haven’t heard of them, here’s the story. A couple write’s their names on a padlock and locks it onto one of the bridges. They then throw the key into the Seine River as a symbol of their undying love. However, there is a difference on which bridge you pledge your love. Some say the only way to break the seal of love brought on by this love lock act is to find the key and unlock the padlock. Of course, that is nearly impossible, since the keys lie at the bottom of the river. This reality induces many brokenhearted individuals to return with bolt cutters to try to chop off the padlocks.”

being a single woman at this time in my life, i have given some thought to what will i do if i am still single when in paris. since having adopted the attitude of not waiting for someone to buy me flowers, or anything else for that matter, i have begun giving myself my own gifts and desires. why just this valentines day, i bought my own pandora charm, dinner and an ovo. my idea of a perfect valentines day. so, i am thinking just in case i haven’t bonded with the man of my dreams by that time, i will still place a lock to myself. a promise to always love, respect and be true to me. even if i do have a lover man, i will bring a second lock just for me with a big L on it. and that lock will never require a bolt cutter. ❤

today i am thankful for ..

  • we are one day closer to spring
  • a cup of tea is always good for the soul
  • my taxes are done and filed! yee haw!
  • i am single digit days away from my new home complete with a lock on the door!
from Bonjour Paris blog

from Bonjour Paris blog taken by Erica Hewins

affectionately yours, Laura

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