gratitude 18february14 tears fall

i woke up this morning and started to cry. i don’t know why i started crying, i just did. one of those body shaking, snot running and get the hiccups cry. i didn’t have any bad dreams. i am not in darkness. i feel safe and secure. i’m not sad. i don’t feel stressed. i am a bit befuddled by the whole situation. even after i got up and began my day, the tears have continued to flow.

there are some specific things i have to do today. thankfully, they can all be done from home. as i type this, tears are still falling. maybe sometimes there is no cognitive reason for the tears. i have always believed tears are the result of too much pressure applied to the heart. i am not sure that is the case today. i am thinking rather than fighting them, i’ll let them come as they may and accept it for what it is. a moment of tears.

today i am thankful for ..

  • my stack of paperwork is significantly smaller
  • a willingness to accept what i don’t understand
  • my plants are rebounding from my move
  • jimmy fallon. chelsea handler. ellen. my guaranteed laugh a day


affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “gratitude 18february14 tears fall

  1. Hey sweetie…we all have those days. SJR just laughs and hugs me when he asks why I’m crying and I say…I don’t know!!! So here’s your hug and a chuckle because I know what you are going through. Let the tears flow to cleanse your heart and renew your spirit. Let all of the bad karma and evil thoughts go!!! Oh yeah, I know you have evil thoughts….lol


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