gratitude 17february14 another day in snow paradise

i looked outside this morning and said a few select words and thought “really? again?” i am over this whole snow season. maybe more so after a month of having to shovel to get into the door of where i used to live. so, i am trying to put a positive spin on things and am determined to get my paperwork and taxes done. that and another 2500 words written. it’s always something, isn’t it?

i am going to begin my day with some meditation and yoga. a bit of visualization about an island paradise. a warm breeze with a tad of salty smell from the ocean. the beginning of a spectacular sun beginning it’s climb in the sky. the warmth of a muscular bald man with a bit of southern in him, snuggled next to me. wait, what’s that buzzing noise? oh, never mind.  enjoy your day and for those of you in minneSNOWta, stay safe out there!

today i am thankful for ..

  • my bath & body works stress relief candle
  • the picture i keep of my granny and i next to my bed
  • i fit back into my size 6’s this weekend
  • the calm and happy that is back; praise God!

affectionately yours, Laura



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