gratitude 14february14 american girl madness

it all began with my research to buy a baby doll for lucy. i wanted a nice quality doll that could endure and grow with her. one i could buy for and add to on special occasions. everyone i talked to and researched online said — american girl. so, off i went to mall of america where we are “blessed” to have our very own american girl store. i went with the goal of  just getting her the bitty baby doll. as i approached the store, i said “whoa!” out loud to myself as i entered the two level store complete with a tea party restaurant in awe.

i should have known i was in trouble when the matronly sales woman approached me and asked “and who are we shopping for today?” with a pleasant smile. i responded “my granddaughter, lucy.” she then said “oh, tell me all about her. how old is she? what does she look like?” “well she is going to be 3. she has curly dark hair, brown eyes and light brown skin.” “come this way” she said. the next thing i knew, i had a bitty baby in my arms  who looked just as i described my lucy. i don’t remember much after that, honestly. i was being led through a maze as i proceeded to buy pajama’s, a winter outfit and “of course, every little girl needs a red party dress!”

i walked out of the store feeling a bit dazed and financial spent carrying 2 large bags wondering “what the hell just happened?” by the time i was done with my first american girl experience, the sales woman knew i had a daughter who i bought care bears for and the monkey i had as a child because i wasn’t really into dolls. to which the saleswomen said “there is always a little girl in all of us. would you like your own baby, too?” it really is an “experience” unlike any other shopping experience. i am convinced they must put something in the air at that store. you go in and lose your damn mind.

with valentine’s day approaching, i again went to the american girl store for “a little something” for lucy. only this time, i went with a plan and a secret weapon — santi. whenever santi and i go to mall of america to walk, every time we go by the american girl store, he rolls his eyes and says “that’s a girl store” with great disgust. who better to go there with me and get me out with minimal damage to my wallet? wrong. almost an hour later we walked out of the store with dazed looks and a large bag of things for lucy and her baby doll, bella. i looked at santi and he at me. we didn’t speak till we got in the car and then we just looked at each other and started to laugh. i am telling you — it’s american girl madness! with a great sigh, i take comfort in knowing the look on lucy’s face when she opens her present’s is always priceless.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i am immensely grateful and totally being spoiled by my cousin, kathy
  • the sun is bright and wonderful shining in my window
  • i had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend this morning
  • even without a love interest; i love the concept of valentines day

today i am listening to .. i’m feeling good cd by nina simone

llp copyright

llp copyright

today i am wishing you love. the gift of unconditional love. the kind that knows the worst and best of you and loves you despite of it all.

affectionately yours, Laura

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