gratitude 12february14 life lessons

i was rather shocked to see my last posting here was 12 days ago. time does fly when you are busy living life. that and with writing in my journal daily and brief facebook postings — my blog here has been neglected. while scrolling through my facebook wall for the past month, i found a lot of life lessons posts. it would seem i am in a season of concurrent life lessons. here are a few:

  1. Life Lesson .. If someone values you — they will make time for you. No matter how busy their lives are, they will find their way to you. Stop chasing after people. <4L
  2. Life Lesson .. Knowing when to step away from a situation and go to Plan B. In my case, Plans F, U, C, K.
  3. Life Lesson .. Karma is only a bitch if you are .. Time for an attitude check. <4L
  4. Life Lesson .. You don’t have to attend every fight or power struggle you are invited to. <3L

maybe you are reading this and thinking “dah, this is common sense to me.” well, for me, they were lessons to be learned. life situations to experience and make different choices about. past behaviors that i thought of as “normal” to get my needs and wants met. not anymore. i am learning and finding making different choices are making my life more content and peaceful. I believe i am making my life more about me; than about others. it’s not that i don’t care, i do. it’s just at this time in life — i am my priority. add another life lesson to that list .. until you are the best you and take care of you, you will be second best to yourself and everyone else.

what i have learned about me from these life lessons .. i am at peace with myself; i don’t need to compromise myself for the company of another. i am strong and have the ability to make the hard choices to make myself content, secure and happy. changing friendships and situations doesn’t make anyone the good or bad people. i just means it’s time for a different season. if you pay attention to your life, karma will let you know quickly when you are not living right. and my greatest and hardest recent lesson, it doesn’t make me a weak person to walk away from an argument or power struggle. i am learning it takes a great deal of strength to walk and not fight. in any confrontation there is rarely a positive outcome — once words are spoken, they can never be forgotten, only forgiven.

today i am thankful for ..

  • tootsie pops are only 60 calories
  • we are one day closer to spring
  • a delightful kenny fantasy dream — “oh my, what a man” in my best southern accent
  • wednesday is my santi day and always a good day

today i am listening to .. bennie and the jets by elton john



today i am wishing i was hanging with my bestie here ..

wishing you the best of life lessons that make you grow and become the best you.

affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “gratitude 12february14 life lessons

  1. b.b..b..benny and the jets!!!

    Oh, how can we make it so? [cid:image003.png@01CF27DD.7DB6A050]

    Great life lessons….now if we can only stick to them and change plan B….lol


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