gratitude 21january14 shake it off

i recently heard a story that has become my mantra. it went like this — a farmer’s prize bull fell into a deep hole. unable to get him out, he gathered his neighbors to brain storm on how to get his bull out. they were unable to come up with a workable solution. they came to an agreement that the humane thing to do was to put this bull out of his misery since he could not be saved. they began to shovel dirt into the hole. with each shovelful, the bull shook off the dirt and began to stomp the dirt under him. after a time, the bull was able to climb out of the hole because of the dirt they shoveled into the hole. the bull just kept shaking it off and slowly climbed to higher ground. 

it’s how i feel about my life right about now. i feel like i am in a hole. and while it seems i am stuck, i have to remind myself to “shake it off” just like that bull did. little by little time will pass, my situation will change, bit by bit my debt will decrease and every day i stay focused on my goals with positive choices. like that bull, the day will come that i climb out of this figurative hole i feel like i am in. each day comes and goes and with it my life is closer to how i wish it to be. 

today i am thankful for …

  • fascinating conversation with my godson
  • a taste of the colder weather isn’t so bad
  • a safe place where i am free from any harm
  • deep inside is a calm i can’t quite explain

hopefully, in the very near future, my writing will get back to a daily blog. i apologize to those of you who have sent me messages here, on facebook and email that i have disappointed. life is challenging right now and my internet resources are limited. never fear, i will be back! wishing you the courage to “shake it off” and climb!

affectionately yours, Laura


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