gratitude 11january14 put yourself first

while on my latest airplane ride, i paid attention to the instructions given before takeoff. i am guilty as charged of normally not paying attention from flying so much during my business career. out of habit, i automatically find my exit doors and count my seats to that exit. i look down to make sure my light strip along the aisle are on and no bulbs out. i reach up and make sure my fan and light work over my seat. i buckle up and then i settle in for the ride.


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while listening to my airperson go through the air mask demonstration, he made kind of a joke to the women. “ladies. always, always put your air mask on first.” i heard chuckles and i thought “you know what, he gets it.” there is a very good reason you are instructed to put your oxygen mask on yourself first when needed in an airplane. the valuable seconds you use helping another could kill you. as women we are raised to care for others. that is our role as daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and friends. we nurture and more times than not, we do not take care of ourselves first.

i believe there is a fine line to taking care of others. i am not down for the “martyr” who is sick, dragging themselves around, yet, still being there to help and “do their part.” all the while looking like shit, telling you how worn out they are and shaking their hands at the universe “why me?” take care of yourself! or, i am very guilty of being a “help you first” person in exchange for love and acceptance. then wearing myself out and/or simply having nothing left to take care of myself. i become the person i described above, shaking my hand into the universe “why me?”

my first journal entry of 2014 included this sentence “in 2014 i am going to be selfish and take care of myself.” i am going to put my oxygen mask on first. i am going to make sure i drink fluids, feed myself and have enough energy to exercise by taking care of myself first. the irony of it all is the true logic; of what value are you – really – if you do not take care of yourself first? not being first for yourself, makes you second best for YOU and everyone else. my life lesson with my emotional barometer is i use my emotions on people and things of value. it’s not that i don’t care or don’t love, it’s just taking care of myself. the hardest thing of this revelation is; now understanding very clearly why people have had to leave my life. and i cannot in good consciousness wish harm to someone for needing to take care of themselves.

today i am thankful for ..

  • we’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave
  • an excellent cup of coffee .. thank you ‘mille and jimmie
  • life lessons
  • my grandbabies ~ santi and lucy who make my heart beat happier


wishing you a day taking care of yourself. put that oxygen mask on and take a deep long breath!

affectionately yours, Laura

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