gratitude 5jan14 high on a pedestal

it would seem i am in an extremely long season of learning life lessons. usually i will have a few “ah ha” moments and then balance out. lately, they just keep coming. recently it was pointed out to me that i have unrealistic expectations of people. i elevate them in my mind to a position that is humanly not possible to maintain. i place them on pedestals to admire and look up to. when that person becomes shaken or worse — falls off the pedestal — i am disappointed. my life lesson that is coming into focus is … it is a dangerous thing to admire someone so much that you place them on a pedestal. it sets you and them up for failure.

everyday we are bombarded with multiple media sources that point out the politician, celebrities, religious, and every day people who fall off of their pedestals that they are placed on. i think the current polling of president obama is an excellent example. he ran a campaign of hope and change. who doesn’t want a world of hope and change from what our world currently is? everyone has their own idea of what that hope and change would look like. discrimination would disappear with a black president. world peace would happen with the end of war, and all americans would have health care. when people’s agenda’s were not fulfilled, obama’s pedestal crumbled underneath him. the “savior” title that was media given, was taken back and when the smoke of fireworks cleared, reality revealed he is just a man with limited abilities in the role he was elected.

via search

via search

to be the person on the pedestal must be a lonely place; there is only room for one person. once an individual is on the pedestal of admiration, there is nowhere to go but down. what a heavy burden that must be to carry and balance at the same time. looking up at someone also places you in a lower position than them. it is one thing to respect and admire, it is another to feel you are less than another human being. we all carry within us the infinite possibility to fulfill our destiny. two of my favorite quotes of eleanor roosevelt are “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and “i am who i am today, because of the choices i made yesterday.” both are food for thought before elevating another onto that pedestal.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i logged 97,518 steps on my ipod nano for the month of december
  • my size 8’s are no longer snug
  • gifts and blessings that are happening to me. very grateful.
  • a laugh that comes from deep within

listening to pharrell williams “happy”



it is true in my life that the people who have hurt me the deepest, were people i have elevated to a place that no person could possibly fulfill. my life lesson being, no one is perfect. it is just as important to learn from someones’ accomplishments as it is from their mistakes. being able to be look at someone eye level is much easier on your neck, spirit and heart than craning your neck to look up.

affectionately yours, Laura

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