gratitude 28dec13 a palm tree christmas

via bing search

via bing search

i am writing from the sunny, blue skies and warm weather of laughlin nevada. i must admit, i was a tad nervous about not being around the minnesota snow for christmas. i have quickly discovered that a mighty fine christmas tree can be a palm tree with some lights. during my walks i have seen some very funny christmas decorations. i saw an iron donkey with a lite wreath around his neck, a family of penguins with matching scarves, iguanas all lite up among some! quite the sight!

via with added touches by llpeltier

via with added touches by llpeltier

as you know, i am a follower. every now and then i go through my boards and wonder “what was i thinking when i posted that?” there is a definite pattern to where you are in life by what you pin. one friend pins tons of wedding stuff — she’s engaged, another pins baby stuff for her new son, and another longtime friend pins all sorts of eclectic things! my favorite boards are my “dream” boards. my house, bucket list and “imagining myself there.” my latest is to create a 2014 board with my goals for this year … lose another size, travel somewhere, perfect my yoga tree pose, and yes, kenny 😉

today i am thankful for ..

  • the holidays are almost over – life can go back to normal pace
  • the feeling of anticipation
  • sunshine, blue skies

2014 sandwishing you all of your hearts desires ~ till the new year ~ life is short; live it well!

affectionately yours, Laura

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