gratitude 12dec13 the give options

via facebook site "i believe in Christmas"

via facebook site “i believe in Christmas”

i logged into my computer today and was greeted with this posting — give up, give in, or give it your all. i had to laugh to myself because in most of my life situations; that is my means of processing. the thought “could i achieve this? can i get through this?” i just wrote about going through situations and not giving up. then, i think “no, i can’t. i don’t have what it takes.” and finally, it is a matter of “hell, yeah. i am going to do this!.”



i have a quote taped to my computer monitor “what would you do if i knew you would not fail?” many days it keeps me giving it my all. you never knew if you don’t try. i have had a goal of publishing my writing. i have plastic bins filled with my journals and typed pages of writings, articles, research and stories. i talk, i don’t give it my all. it is a bucket list item waiting to be checked off, just as writing a blog online was. where i do give it my all in thought and putting a part of me into the universe. it’s kind of like that quote i saw on pinterest, no matter what kind of exercise you do; you’re ahead of someone just sitting on the couch!”

today i am thankful for ..

  • minneapolis heatwave — we are going to be in double digits today
  • my Wii age of 33
  • that by the grace of God i have abundant favor
  • a short “to do” list today
via google search

via google search

today’s picture .. my body is in minnesota; my mind is at the beach

today i am listening to .. “james taylor at christmas” cd

wishing you the spirit and energy to always “give it your all”

affectionately yours, Laura

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