Gratitude 8Dec13 Disappointment Empowered

Man must be disappointed with the lesser things of life before he can comprehend the full value of the greater. ~ Edward G. Bulwer Lytton

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via google image search

Disappointment is a bitter pill to swallow; no matter what the cause or reason. When you want or anticipate something and it doesn’t play out that way — a place inside you zings.

There are so many levels of disappointment. Yet, the basis of disappointment is the same.

It is the feeling of dissatisfaction that comes when dreams and wishes of expectations or hopes do not manifest.

My weakness is my expectations of how I want things to be. Key word being “I.” That part of me that forgets people are not mind readers to accommodate my vision. When things don’t go as I planned or thought they should go — disappointment comes creeping.

While I am wasting my time juggling the balls of sad, upset, and poor me, the world goes on.

The quote I began this blog with is from an article that was posted this fall on It had a great article on how to deal with the disappointment that I bookmarked for further reference. Its premise was not like some other articles on how not to be disappointed, rather, it focused on how you cope with being disappointed.

This statement from the article stood out to me. “Learning to deal with your disappointments constructively can make you a stronger person in the end.” I had not really ever given much thought in terms of turning what had disappointed me from a negative to a positive.

When you think about it from this standpoint — disappointment always precedes success.

Well, unless you are superwoman, and from a very reliable source, I was told even Superwoman puts on her tights backward some days.

So, today I felt disappointment. I let myself wallow in the sad of it for a few heartbeats. Then, I made myself think of something to be grateful for in the situation.

Once, I identified a positive, it helped greatly.

I think of women I admire; Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, and Marilyn Monroe (yes, Marilyn) to name a few. The above women experienced disappoint on so many levels repeatedly and yet, found their way to many more moments of success. it’s not that I expect disappointment to magically disappear, I just want to learn to put the odds of success in my favor.

today i am thankful

  • My bestie’s cooking .. if we bottled it we would make a fortune
  • A productive afternoon
  • The re-connection with relatives that means so much to me
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via bing search

today’s picture .. how i am feeling today ..

today i am listening to .. comcast cable r&b soul music channel 409. right now luther vandross is singing every year, every christmas.

remember when i wrote that about 2 weeks into winter, i would be wanting summer? i am so there. here’s to wishing minneapolis gets a heatwave in the single digits this week!

affectionately yours, Laura

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