gratitude 5dec13 the male species

“true love is friendship set on fire”

via bing search

via bing search

as a woman, with age and experience i look at men differently. over the years i went through a variety of men — bad boys, pretty boys, geek, straight, gay and all colors of the rainbow. what i learned was and came to discover that despite all their packaging, it isn’t worth much without the character to match. if you can’t talk to me out of bed, chances are you probably won’t be a “fun” in bed talker either.

my best friend married her one and only love. i enjoy being around them. they are a couple in a healthy relationship who work hard to keep the fires burning. too often, people forget and take for granted that relationships take time and energy. without those ingredients you cannot continue to grow and evolve. after 30+ years of being together, they still have the magic. it drives me to being the “master of my domain” when over at their house with all the pheromones that they emit to each other. ❤



i have been looking at couples to discover what healthy looks, feels and acts like. coming from dysfunction and not breaking its cycle has kept me settling for less of a man than i deserve. because i was exposed to sexuality at such a young age, i learned to use it in unhealthy ways. i never put any value in the act. it was a distraction to an unhappy life, a connection with another even if for that brief sexual moment. the concept of the difference of making love and fucking was not discernible in my way of thinking.

i no longer believe in “just sex.” the act in and of itself is intimate and leaves you bare, literally and figuratively. the connection of willing partners leaves a “cosmic” connection. you carry a part of the others karma with you. there is a transfer of self when two are connected. think about it, at that moment of orgasm, you lose your damn mind filter and your body takes over. no games — raw and real.



i don’t care how good the sex is, he could have a dick plated in gold, there must be a connection beyond sex. you eventually will come down from the euphoria and have to step back into the real world. that is what i am focused on. i want a partner who can stimulate my brain before my body. marilyn monroe once said “if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” that’s me at this time in my life. humor is number three in my top three of what i look for in a partner. retrospectively following; secure within himself, a communicator and has a sense of humor.

it bothers me when someone assumes sex will be an end result of a date. that sex is a given. that touching my breast and lady parts are alright without asking. gone is the time of courting and kissing. i like to make out till my lips are swollen. i find increased passion in anticipation. seeing healthy relationships in motion, encourages me to stay true to what i want and deserve. make love to my brain and my body will follow. the couples around me having me setting a high bar for the next relationship. in the mean time — i have learned to appreciate myself and buy my own flowers.

today i am thankful for ..

  • the gift that will allow me some financial freedom
  • getting down to what i want and deserve
  • accomplished a lot today
  • my fortune plant is rocken’ and growing


today’s picture .. tucked away on a snowy day

today on my ipod .. all of me by john legend .. “cause all of me loves all of you”

i like the thought of soul mates. the connection that zaps you, you feel a shift in your world. it is tangible. like anything good in life, it requires work and commitment. here’s wishing all of us, the love that is out there waiting for us.

affectionately yours, Laura

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