gratitude 4dec13 december favorite things

as i begin writing this, al jarreau and kathleen battle’s version of the christmas song “my favorite things” is playing in my brain. my holiday celebration is in full swing as i got out my christmas music, movies and slowly putting out my christmas trinkets.

 now, on to my list of favorite things for december ..

  •  martha stewart quick dry bath towels: one thing i often don’t indulge in is my bath towels. that is until the edges are frayed and they are thread bare and faded. i discovered these towels and they are wonderful! they easily live up to their name and dry you quickly. a nice size at 27″x52″ and come in a rainbow of colors. i buy mine at macy’s when they are on sale. they are regularly $12, now on sale for $7.99 before additional discounts.
  • method cleaning products: i have slowly eliminated any other brand of cleaners except this one. the product line makes cleaning an easier job. the bonus — they are not only made from naturally derived, great smelling and biodegradable ingredients. the products lasts a long time and don’t require massive amounts to get the job done. i use the all
    purpose, glass, furniture polish and daily shower cleaner (hooked on this one). i didn’t like their dish soap, i guess i will always be a dawn woman. i buy mine at target, pricing ranges from $2.89-$3.79. i always wait for them to go on sale to stock up and coupons are always on target coupon site.
  • bath & body works sparkling pink champagne hand soap: oh my, i wish i could drink this stuff, it smells so good. like the rest of bath & body hand soaps — it is anti-bacterial and light foam. i really like the easy pump that doesn’t drip and the quantity of soap that one pump delivers is just enough. you don’t have to rinse your hands forever and it doesn’t leave that icky residue left over. regularly priced at $5.50, for the holidays it is 5/$15 and yes, i always use a coupon too!
  • last vegas: maybe it’s my age, but, this movie touched me. so much of it i thought “oh, i get that!” it is well cast with a group of talented men. each fits the given role in looks, mannerisms and swagger. cinematography was great, as was the excellent choice of music for the soundtrack. i laughed, i cried, i related to the story line. i want to see it a second time on the big screen. i always go the woodbury 10 theater. $5 afternoon matinee.

today i am thankful for ..

  • a home snow day
  • my list of “to do’s” is short
  • my snowman flannel sheet on my bed
via google search

via google search

today’s picture .. i want to gather my circle of women here to bond, eat, and drink ..

today i am listening to .. al jarreau tenderness cd

tis the season to not forget the real reason for the season. as a christian, i embrace the ultimate gift given to me that can compare to no other. pay it forward. someone somewhere needs to be given the gift of hope.

affectionately yours, Laura 

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