gratitude 2dec13 Political Climate is Hot

I write this because of the political climate in our beloved United States of America. Beginning with the presidential election of 2008 that brought about significant changes in friendships. One in particular, still hurts me to this day. Sides were taken. People adamant in what they believed. I can respect that. Whether you and I agree on a topic, I respect the passion of someone’s character ingrained in their truth. What I can’t respect is people unable to come to consensus and say “I respect your view; respect mine and let’s not demean our personal character in the process.” Sadly for  important people in my life, it did become person attacks on character. I am guilty as charged for firing back with negative ammunition meant to hurt.



I believe we all come to our beliefs based on our life experiences. It defines us and bonds us to who we connect with and who we believe will take care of our needs. I have written before, I am a republican, tea party, conservative’s nightmare. I am a democrat. I still have my presidents back. And yes I do believe in hope and change. To not, is to put our country in peril. Who ever is in the White House is deserving of the respect of the office.



As a democrat I vote that way because of my life situations; I am in need of government subsidy and assistance. The very programs that are being cut and eliminated are affecting my ability to have a sustainable quality of life. The consequences of the sequester fr me were staggering. I lost my housing subsidy. The massive food cut has eliminated a program that allowed me to get a bag of food at a lower rate. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to be “taken care of or a free ride” I live within my means and do everything in my power to not abuse the gift of help I receive. I believe in accountability.

I am sad to have lost friends because of  our political differences. I may be a dreamer, but I hold firm to the belief that even if we don’t agree, we agree to disagree. Our relationship is strengthened by that mutual respect.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • My Charlie Brown Christmas tree
  • My best friend and her man
  • Even in the craziness; I feel a calm down deep
  • Ovo .. a,b,c,d,e,f,gggggggggggg

Somehow, we have to find our way through our differences to our commonality. Even if it is with just one person it is of value to meet at that place of mutual respect and love. Paying it forward. One act of kindness begets another.

affectionately yours, Laura 

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