gratitude 27nov13 parade, coffee and baileys

the story of thanksgiving has changed to a reality much different than what we were taught years ago. we now know that the “we are one” celebration was not the true story. rather than focus on that drama, i keep myself centered on the blessing of the holiday word itself — THANKS GIVING. in all the craziness, there is so much to be thankful for. although, i daily write out what i am grateful for, thanksgiving is like the master of all days. through out the day i offer us thanks and praise.

via google search

via google search

one of my bucket list items is to attend a macy’s thanksgiving day parade. i want to be there in the mix to hear real time the sounds, and the smells. the thrill of the excitement that people say is tangible. well, i might be willing to substitute it for a disney world easter parade — not. i want the new york experience. since i was a little girl, watching the parade has been one of my favorite memories on thanksgiving. the sounds in our home of my mom shooing people out of her kitchen. the smells of the turkey and pies. i can still hear her calling out to my dad “ed? ed are you up?” and to my sisters for things to do. i was the baby. i didn’t have to do much but watch the action. it is a family happy memory i cling to that all was not bad in my young world.

via bing search

via bing search

as i have grown older, i have kept the parade tradition. betty crocker we all know i am not, so, i readily accept the invites and find a place for left overs on friday! the parade, i have down to a science. snuggled in my blanket with my coffee and baileys close at hand. i count the balloons, wait for the rockettes’ and the big man himself. then i watch the movie “miracle on 34th street” for the first of many times of the holiday season. i am a fan of the 1994 movie version, don’t judge me.

today i am thankful for ..

  • courage i thought i didn’t have
  • hope that keeps coming from God
  • faith ..
  • love that keeps life worth living


today’s picture .. i’m ready .. bring on the snow angels

today i am listening to .. i’m still in love” by teena marie

i am wishing each of you moments of mindfulness. in the hustle of cooking and entertaining, take moments to appreciate your life. say i love you, kiss and hug folks, inhale and give thanks for it really is a wonderful world.

affectionately yours, Laura

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