gratitude 23nov13 holiday expectations

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i normally don’t buy oprah’s magazine. however, this month i had a $1 off coupon and teavana was bragging on their website that oprah listed their tea as one of her “the o list of favorite things.” i have recently developed a serious jones for teavana tea. it is wonderful! it just so happens that one of their tea’s is on my december favorite list, too. so, apparently, like me, stedman and oprah “have without fail” teavana’s maharaja chai oolong tea every morning. given those two factors i picked up the december issue at target.



while reading the issue (great issue) i came across a few articles that gave me an oprah “aha” moment. one article by brené brown titled “dare to be grateful” really stood out. the just of the article is about how easy it is to get into the mindset and whirlwind that the holidays are about all the activities and gifts. we lose sight of the meaning of the holiday. as a christian, i have a picture i put out every christmas season as my reality check. — “Jesus is the reason for the season.” it is so easy to get caught up in the hype. brown writes “gratitude creates joy — not vice versa” and issues three dare / challenges at the end of her article.

  1. manage expectations. write down a few things you hope to happen this holiday season. understand that you may have to give up something to make it a reality.
  2. be specific. brown gives an example of don’t just tell someone “you’re awesome,” be specific. “i love that you helped without me having to ask.”
  3. make gratitude a practice in your home: i laughed at her example of having a gratitude jar to place notes of thankfulness in. i have a worry jar. when something is bothering me, i write it, get it out of my mind and put it in the jar. maybe for 2014 i need to change that worry jar to a gratitude jar!

today i am thankful for ..

  • wonderful time with an old friend
  • new adventures on the horizon
  • new leggings that are sooo comfortable
  • the joy of basketball season is in full swing
via google search

via google search

today’s picture .. minnesota cold is here! this looks great.

today i am listening to .. life is just a big old game by joss stone

wishing you joy and gratitude to fill your days.

affectionately yours, Laura

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