gratitude 21nov13 my anger is red



anger. red. raw. the feeling that tightens your chest and makes you feel your blood pulse. the thought that you look like a cartoon character with steam coming out of your ears. the anger that comes from hurt. being lied to. violated. deliberately baited for reaction, knowing you are weak.

logically it all makes sense. the thought occurs to you that you chose your battles wisely. that you don’t give energy to emotion thieves. unfortunately, there is that brief moment where your emotional control eclipses your logic.  you see the karma bus turning down your street coming for you head-on — you think, “it’s worth the karma crash.”

ReSeNTMeNTand then, it settles. you evaluate the facts from the assumptions. the anger is tempered by the sadness of the situation. the reality that something will never be the same. you gather what remains, and carry on. a bit wiser, another lesson in your tool box, and stronger for the better choices to be made based on this experience.

today i am thankful ..

affectionately yours, Laura

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