gratitude 15nov13 me and gershom

i am a follower of christian motivational speaker, joel osteen. i have been playing one of his recent talks non-stop called “the seventh year.” he centers his message on the scripture of Deuteronomy 15 where the cancellation of debt after seven years is proclaimed. he uses the lesson as a call to stand against the “lies of permanency” the lies of — it will always be this way, it will never change.



i struggle with this concept in areas of my life — health, relationships, debt. i have always kept the quote “don’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation” all around me. when in darkness, i put the pedal to the metal and accelerate down the depression entrance ramp to suicide highway. i need the visual reminder — this will end. my financial situation can at times seem insurmountable. it is hard to see the end that will come with each car or medical payment. i have now added a paid in full countdown column to my budget.

i have always called my depression indigo bluez. one morsel in his message has moved me to rename it to gershom. gershom was the son of moses and his name in the bible appears to mean alien, sojourner or stranger. for me, that is how i have changed my feelings about this illness, depression. it is a visitor in my life, it is not a citizen. instead of waking up and doing a billie holiday rendition of “hello, heartache, my old friend.” the past few mornings i have been saying “morning, gershom, your visa has been revoked.”

today i am thankful for ..

  • love. faith. hope.
  • all that is good in my life
  • my list of gratitude is long
  • sunshine, blue skies


today’s picture .. my grandteen

today i am listening to ..  the seventh year by joel osteen

affectionately yours, Laura

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