gratitude 14nov13 the art of listening

i am a talker. there, i said it. i am sure to some of those around me, i run my mouth too much and too often. sometimes it’s nerves. a funny comment or filling the air with chatter is easier to deal with. often it is the result of being alone and having company brings an onslaught of my information. in retrospect, it is selfish to be the talker and not a listener.



i am wondering what morsels of sharing could have occurred if my mouth was not moving. lately, i haven’t felt that need. i have become more cognitive of what i say and to who. i have often said, the greatest sign of love and friendship is said in the silence between two people. if i can be in silence with you; i will be giving you the best of me.

i have been making myself more aware of the art of really listening.  i am quickly learning listening is a challenge. the greatest hurdle is to train your brain to not wander while listening. i often find myself having conversations with myself. i am evaluating what is being said to me. i am cataloging and trying to equate the conversation to an experience i can relate to. sometimes, i am guilty of just thinking — please, in the name of Fornication Under Consent of the King, hush up! at that point i see lips moving but the words are muted.



my focus has become just listening to what people talk about. gathering data without evaluating, judging or cataloging. there is a saying by one of my favorite woman, eleanor roosevelt, “great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” in an hour conversation — what was said? how was it said? for small minds, i recently wrote about a great lesson i have learned. if someone will gossip about others to you; they will talk about you to others. for average minds, i like the dance of conversation and sharing of insight. for great minds, there is no limit to the growth and nurturing of that friendship. my life — always growing and interesting. now, i will listen and speak through my writing. you didn’t really think i could totally stop, did you?

today i am thankful ..

  • this innate need for growth and change
  • progress in my goals
  • content with who i am

affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “gratitude 14nov13 the art of listening

  1. that post is me, I don’t listen well at all! I listen to myself all day, when I see someone, watch out —I’m going to talk : ) At least I know it, try hard to do it… in progress. lol love ya lots ♥♥♥


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