gratitude 13nov13 silver hair fox

i read this excellent article yesterday, “why i went gray. why i am going silver.” as i read the article, i had a soothing feeling that someone finally got how i feel about my hair. i, too, was very young when my first gray hair appeared. the women in my family grayed young, so, it didn’t come as a shock – just a disappointment. i am fortunate that our family hair is not that yellow-gray look, it is more of a silver, small blessings.

for 30+ years i spent my time and money coloring my hair to hide the gray. in my 30’s and 40’s it made sense to me to color. working in corporate america and it’s desired image of youth does not embrace gray hair. that and my prolonged desire to embrace my inner brunette goddess. in my 50’s? not so much. gray hair is a natural sign of progression as we age. when i was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (ckd) and my body made the decision for me (the last couple of times my hair was dyed it turned a lucille ball bright red!) it was kind of a relief and a new sense of acceptance of self for this new season in my life.



i do, however, cruise the hair color aisle at target on occasion. or i will go in to my beloved hair person, josh, and say “color it!” as he responds “let’s give you a new cut.” there are those moments of catching a glance of myself in the mirror and backing up for a second look. that whole reality that you have when you catch a glimpse of your mother in yourself. i really liked the authors proclamation that going gray becomes an expression of power. for me, it truly has. it is an embracing of who i am, as i am, a silver hair fox.

today i am thankful for ..

  • new writing group
  • liking me
  • people who are there for me; no matter what
  • the rainbows from my crystals make me smile
  • a santi day is always a good day


today’s picture .. me in front of kenny’s house 🙂

today i am listening to country road by james taylor and carole king

pay it forward today ~ it will return to you!

affectionately yours, Laura 

2 thoughts on “gratitude 13nov13 silver hair fox

  1. Good morning, I cracked up laughing at you in the middle of the road. I’m not giving in, I’m not aging gracefully…I’m fighting it every step of the way. Haircut on Saturday at 4, color at 5! This time I’m going auburn for fall and my power is within!


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