gratitude 12nov13 auntie pat



there are few people in my life that i know, without a doubt, loved me unconditionally. my auntie pat was one. no matter what was going on with my parents, family dynamics or my life, she remained constant and unmoved in the way she treated me. i never had to wonder or worry how she would treat me, would she be one of the crowd to play the ignore game, label or judge me. nope, she remained the same, till the end. i loved her with all of me for that.

everyone should have an auntie like her in their life. she was the fun auntie who wore the cool clothes, awesome jewelry, sparkly shoes and rhinestone’s on her glasses.  i loved her stories. i liked that as she told them, she relived them and her laughter always came from deep within. i really valued some of the stories she shared about her and my mom when they were young. i respected that she was her own woman and didn’t follow the crowd, she was a leader.  i was in awe that she embraced that “wild woman” within that reflected in her style and the way she lived her life.



auntie loved a good time. being irish, she took st patricks day to a level of green that is hard to believe unless you were there to experience it. i didn’t know so many things came in green.  she was an amazing cook and whenever i went to visit her at their cabin; guaranteed she would send me home with a container of something good. her potato salad was the bomb — oh, so good.

i used to write her and send her funny cards. i promised my mom before she passed i would stay in touch with her and i did. i feel blessed to have had strong powerful women role models in my life. women like auntie pat, who, i still to this day, pray to in hard times. women who lived life with passion, embraced life, loved hard, and left legacy’s to be learned from. i miss you, auntie.

today i am thankful for ..

  • clear blue sky
  • the calm that comes from my meditation
  • lessons learned


today’s picture .. like this saying ..

today i am listening to .. confetti by tori kelly

life isn’t forever. take a moment to call someone you’ve been thinking of and tell them you love them.

affectionately yours, Laura

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