gratitude 11nov13 life lessons

i am frustrated. i am in a season of my life that i am asking the question “what is the lesson to be learned?” i am not one that believes we go through life with no intent. i believe we go through life seasons that teach us important life lessons. even in life’s piles of bullshit, there is a kernel of knowledge to be found.

in my life, it is often in retrospection that i have became aware of the lesson life taught me. at some point later, deep within me, i will think “ah, yes. been here, done that.” life lessons are all around us. i have always been rather hard-headed. somewhere my bestie is saying “ya think?” rather than looking around me at lessons other are learning in similar life circumstances, i forge ahead to learn it my way. no surprise that my life lesson would echo that of those i had watched. that is really here nor there. it all comes down to those valuable lessons that we build our lives upon. it is times like this that i feel in limbo and wonder “what is the lesson in all of this?”



one thing i do have is an impressive tool box of life experiences. my life catalog includes a bit of everything. i have gone from a runaway on the streets to a management position in a top corporation. i lay claim to be an expert in the study of depression. i may not have the paper declaring it or the letters behind my name, yet, there is not much you can tell me about depression that i have not lived.

a friend recently posted a saying on facebook about changing your words — make a lesson an opportunity — i like that. it doesn’t take away my feeling of frustration at this time, yet, it does give me hope. whatever lesson life is teaching me during this time; it can only make my “life tool box” more impressive.

today i am thankful for ..

  • i have my body back from medication hell
  • it is 50% off day at the thrift store
  • the first day of getting cold weather


today’s picture .. isn’t this a delightful quint little house? i am sure there is a small fire, comfortable chair and a book with my name on it in there. and wine, lots of red wine.

today i am listening to .. duets cd by frank sinatra

recently, i have been reported on both facebook and pinterest for pornography. while i admit to some “edgy” posts on pinterest, nothing that would qualify as pornography. because of the number of complaints and the short time they have occurred, i am working with both sites to get to the bottom of the complaints. in the mean time, i am locking down both sites. if i disappear, i am not gone; just on vacation.

affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “gratitude 11nov13 life lessons

  1. You wicked, wicked woman. And the bestie would say…what a wicked ride…let’s do it again…lol

    I really enjoyed our visit yesterday; you are definitely the ONLY one I can be 100% totally myself with. You get me; and with all of your life lesson are able to validate my feelings and I don’t feel stupid or absurd. Thank you!


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