gratitude 10nov13 holiday lights



during the christmas season last year i found this really cool tree. it was just kind of funky with neon blue lights on the end of its branches. i liked it so much, i left it up and began calling it “my holiday tree.” every following holiday i would find lights and ornaments for it. i liked the lights and it’s uniqueness.

recently, to great sadness, my holiday tree lights went out for the last time. missing that glow, i went in search of a replacement. here is what i came up with. it was really easy. i took a funky branch, sprayed it with gold glitter and hung it with fish line. i have started with a few thanksgiving ornaments and am playing with a string of blue lights that are battery-powered. so far, i am digging it.

today i am thankful for ..

  • the joy in small things
  • my search for new beginnings
  • it is sunshine and a beautiful day
  • joel osteen podcasts


today’s picture ..

today is am listening to .. all the answers by raul midon

if you are looking for something to do today .. go see the movie last vegas. it is a wonderful show that touches the heart with laughter.

affectionately yours, Laura

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