Gratitude 9Nov13 A Hot Mess

Oh, groan. I am feeling very miserable right now. A few days ago — in the throes of joy — I posted on

A few days ago — in the throes of happiness — I posted on Facebook that I have been finally seeing some progress from my exercising and watching what I eat.

I haven’t been dieting, actually. Just watching what I eat and my portions. With that, I have set a goal of 5,000 steps a day and yoga. My reward has been the loss of weight, lower BMI (Body Mass Index) and my overall health have improved.

Bottom line, my body performs and feels so much better at a lower weight and when I take care of it.




To celebrate I had pizza with my grandson. Then, to try out my new countertop oven, we baked, and I ate a “few” chocolate chip cookies.

Then, while watching television, I consumed half a bag of chip’s and dip and the rest of the cookies. I must confess, since my post, I have been eating everything in sight.

I believe I jinxed myself. I am out of control.

So, here I sit at 2 in the morning, watching the Hallmark channel, with an empty bag of Tostitos’s, a practically licked clean jar of salsa and 2 crumpled tootsie pop wrappers next to me.

Did I mention I have been craving everything chocolate? As in the empty cup of hot chocolate.

I am contemplating how quickly one can “fall off” the wagon and easily a habit can be lost. Meanwhile, my kidneys are hollering for a reprieve, and my hands and feet look like rising bread dough. in

In earnest, I have begun my research to get back on track. At least until Thanksgiving; when i anticipate indulging again.

I believe the key is to have a plan for times like this.

I am not a “die hard” dieter. My goal is still to eat in moderation, exercise and here are a few of the best tips I found from multiple sites to help for times when I feel like a hot mess!

  1. Accept and forgive yourself for your lapse.
  2. Get rid of the unhealthy foods and replace with healthy foods
  3. et moving
  4. Keep motivational pictures and sayings where you can see them. I hung my too tight to wear jeans next to my fridge.

Today i am thankful

  • It’s never too late to make new choices
  • Holiday season and all the magic in it
  • Homemade crafts are the best
  • Comfort of my home


Today’s picture .. motivation

affectionately yours, Laura

2 thoughts on “Gratitude 9Nov13 A Hot Mess

  1. Oh Laura, I feel your situation. Jack and I have been trying to take better care of our bodies too and it is tough when we fall off the wagon as well, I get it! But, just knowing that what we are doing is wrong like you we just get right back on the wagon….”Why” because like you we feel better in our bodies when we make the right choices. You are a gem and I love your posts everyday they make me happy. I need to get one of those step counters too….Great Idea! Take care have a great weekend and rock on girl!!!!


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