Gratitude 5Nov13 Trust, Inc

While I don’t have an adventurous or glamorous life, the life I do live, I protect as if I were a part of the Secret Service. I can’t explain why; it’s just I don’t like my business out there.

I can’t explain why; it’s just I don’t like my business out there. I am sure there is some Freudian based reason deep down. It is a kind of an oxymoron for me. I am willing to write about my feelings and thoughts on a blog, yet, certain aspects of my life, I don’t want to be shared.

I tend to share the details of myself with those I trust implicitly. When someone hurts me by talking about me, I cut them off from all of me. I lock down what is going on in my life that is important to me. This has become a recent issue as I have been meeting new friends and the boundaries of what to share with them is being explored.



Trust is a noun and is defined as firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. While researching how to develop trust, almost all sources say to start with the sharing of small things. it’s a place to start. here goes. i had yogurt for breakfast.

Here goes. I had yogurt for breakfast.


Today i am thankful

  • No sinus headache today
  • The new snow looks beautiful
  • The sun is shining and melting the snow!


today’s picture .. it’s that time of year

today on my ipod .. highway don’t care by tim mcgraw

have a wonderful day.

affectionately yours, Laura

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