Gratitude 23Oct13 Learning is Growing

Tonight I helped my grandson with his 8th grade science homework. The assignment was centered around the symbol Fe (iron) from the periodic table. It was quite a task that involved compounds, history, and pictures. At one point, he asked me “What is it, Gram?” and I shook my head responding “I don’t have a clue!” Rather embarrassing as I grabbed my laptop and began a Google search on the symbol Fe. I now know much more about iron and it’s symbol!



What my grandson has accomplished and is now learning in the 8th grade, I learned in high school. Mind-boggling, really, the knowledge and technical skills our youth have today. I remember being told “You have to finish high school. without your high school diploma, you will never get a good job.” I in turn, told my children “You have to finish college. without a college degree, you will never get a good job.” I can only imagine my grandchildren will need specialized training or a masters to compete in the world.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • The opportunity to help my grandson
  • Good shows are on tonight
  • My craft projects

Never pass up an opportunity to pay it forward. Life is a boomerang. what you send out; will return.

affectionately yours, Laura

One thought on “Gratitude 23Oct13 Learning is Growing

  1. When I asked Kian, who is only 20 months, if he knew his abc’s, he grabbed his dads cellphone swiped it twice, hit the abc app and then the green button. When the song ended he started it all over again.


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