Gratitude 13Oct13 Making Dreams a Reality

Last week I took a step of faith and handed the first of several projects over to a hard-copy editor. That two-hour meeting was filled with revelations. My dreams of being a best-selling author and public speaker were quickly put into perspective.

via Google search

via Google search

After all of these years of writing, it hadn’t occurred to me the dynamics of publication. First, while I write, in the world of writing etiquette, I am horrible. Second, I have not a clue of the structure to writing for publication. Like the minor detail of a Table of Contents. What a reality check. I left her with projects in hand. The one page she had proof read was filled with red highlighted corrections.

This weekend I approached an individual I have great respect for. They are not a friend, per say, they are independent of my personal life. We had a conversation and discussion about realistic writing goals. I asked if she would be willing to mentor me. There was an uncomfortable silence. Her response was “I don’t believe you want it bad enough. You have a gift. All I hear is talk about what you’re going to do.” “Where is your written outline of goals and business plan?” she asked.

I did not have a rebuttal to her statement or question. I had nothing. Part of me wanted to defend myself. I could not because she put my greatest fear to words. “All I hear is talk.” it was my Oprah “aha moment.”

She went on to say “Let’s talk again in a week. Come prepared this time. I also want you to tell me what you are willing to sacrifice to make your dream a reality.”  I keep asking myself that very hard question. What am I willing to sacrifice to make my dream a reality?

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Walking is good for my soul
  • Another beautiful fall day
  • Everything pumpkin flavored
  • Being okay, with being okay

Sending love into the universe to those i miss so very much.

affectionately yours, Laura

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