Gratitude 7Oct13 2013 Autumn Favorites

Here are a few of my newly discovered autumn favorite things ..

Hydra Shower Bursts .. I bought several at the General Store in Minnetonka. They are an aromatherapy half ball to use when you take a shower. You don’t put them directly under the water; however, the moisture in the shower releases the smells. I have used the Relax and Clarity ones. Love them. They are great for sinus headaches and relaxing before bed. Very little clean up as they dissolve by themselves. $3.75 each

Tide Boost Pods .. They are paramount to an Oprah “aha moment” for me and doing laundry (other than the whole children thinking they look like candy and trying to eat them.) I like the fact that you have soap and brightening in one neat and tidy packet. Put one in the washer — hit start. Gone are the days of lugging around a heavy big bottle, measuring an amount out and cleaning up what you spill. Plus, almost every Sunday in the paper there are .50-$1. off coupons. On sale this week at Target for $17.99 (62 pods) with a $5. Target gift card. *Keep these and all cleaners out of the reach of children.

The Hallmark channel .. With so much drama on television, I find myself watching this channel more and more. Yes, I know the movies are generic and predictable love stories. However, that is okay with me. Plus, in December they have a holiday movie every day. For those of you with Comcast, it is channel 67.

Brownberry Sandwich Thins .. I discovered these while in search of the 40 calorie a slice bread. They were out of my brand, and I saw these advertised at 100 calories. Now, I am hooked on them. A nice alternative to bread. They come in whole wheat or multi-grain, are pre-sliced and come in a resealable bag. I like their size. Just enough to fill you and easy to hold. Did I mention no crust? They make a great grilled sandwich too. I bought mine at Target for $2.69 for 8. Sometimes there are Target coupons for .50 Brownberry Bread online.

Glade Fall Air Freshener, Salted Caramel .. Oh my goodness, they smell as good as they sound. Sometimes Glade’s seasonal air fresheners can be overwhelming. This one isn’t. It is not too sweet, has a hint of fall and is a welcome home, something wonderful is baking in the oven, kind of smell. I use the scented oil plug-in’s — they last about a month. Target has a duo pack for $4.99. I double up on coupons; they are often in the Sunday paper and online at target. com.

Today I am thankful ..

  • Family and friends
  • Dreams to strive for
  • Stepping outside of my comfort zone

It is going to be a beautiful fall week. I hope you take the time to get out, and truly appreciate it.

affectionately yours, Laura

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