gratitude 6oct13 growing old is a bitch

Dada wonderful conversation with my 90 year old Dad ..

dad: laur, you’re not going to believe what happened to me.

me: uh, oh.

dad: i went to a meeting about old people falling with the gal downstairs, betty*. wonderful gal, God bless her heart. the meeting was good. did you know when you’re old you can build the muscle you lose back?

me: interesting.

dad: the gal who gave the talk, she did a super job. God bless her heart. after the meeting, betty and i got on the elevator and she got off on her floor and i went on to mine. well, i get to my door and my key doesn’t work! i was thinking “what in the sam hell is going on here?” i just locked the door an hour ago. you know, the way they built this place is horrible.

me: you haven’t gotten out tools to make adjustments, have you?

dad; hey, come on, laur. no. there was this maintenance guy in the hallway doing some touch up painting. i said “hey, i can’t get my door open” what a nice guy. he came over and used his key and opened my door. well, i walked in and there was margaret* from the building across the way sitting there! i looked and couldn’t believe my eyes!

me: (laughing to hard to listen)

dad: laur, laur? are you there?

me: i’m here, dad. go ahead.

dad: margaret says to me “what are you doing?” and i say “you’re in my living room!” i look around and realize it wasn’t my living room. i thought “what the hell is going on?” and then i remembered the meeting was in the building across the street!

me: what did margaret say?

dad: well, we both started to laugh and i explained what happened. what a nice gal she is. God bless her. i’ll tell you laur, this growing old is a bitch.

me: you know, dad. you’re not doing too bad for a 90 year old guy. so, did you stay and hang out with margaret?

dad: never you mind.

today i am thankful for ..

  • the calm that surrounds me
  • beautiful fall colors out my door
  • coffee with pumpkin latte creamer
  • ( ) this close to a 25 bmi

affectionately yours, Laura

*names changed to protect the innocent

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