Gratitude 2Oct13 Cigarette Butts and Straws

A woman died and went to heaven. When she arrived at the gate, St Peter said, “Before you can enter, you have to spell a word, any word” The woman thought and spelled love. St Peter welcomed her to heaven and then asked if she would watch the gate for him. As she stood there, her ex-husband approached. She asked him “What are you doing here?” He said “I just had a heart attack and died. Is this heaven? Am I really in heaven?” She said “Not yet. You have to spell a word first” She paused and said “Your word is Czechoslovakia.” Joel Osteen

One of my favorite things I have of my Mom’s is her pole with a grip at the end of it. She was a pro with it; grabbing this and that. Lately, I have been using it on my walks to pick up trash. My mission to get “karma” bonus points.

I have noticed a few interesting things. I pick up a lot of cigarette butts and straws. A couple of quick facts. It takes a cigarette butt 2-10 years to biodegrade. It takes a plastic straw 700 years to biodegrade. I am not sure how they arrived at the 700 years answer.

I began to notice at certain points on Fairy Falls Road, there are a significant amount of the same brand of cigarette butts. One spot that has intrigued me has different colored lipstick on the butts. The creative writer in me began to spin a tale about this person.



I think it’s a woman on her way to work at her art studio in downtown Stillwater. She is driving her lunar blue metallic Mercedes-Benz sl550 convertible with the top down. She has a jewel-toned silk scarf on her head, and the ends of it are flowing in the wind. She takes her last drag of her menthol cigarette and flips the butt out of the car. She checks her MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick in the rear view mirror and rev’s the v-8 roadster into action and her day.

Other than my increased imagination, I have found some cool stuff. A bright green Menards bucket, a professional baseball, three dice, and a golf ball. I am keeping my eyes wide open for a bag of money that has fallen off of a bank truck. That would send my do the right thing karma into a tailspin!

Today I am thankful .

  • .A beautiful sunny fall day
  • Antibiotics
  • My therapist, Glenda, the good witch

Did you know doing good boosts your immune system, increase self-esteem and positive energy into your life? Take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone today. Sharing your smile with someone without one doesn’t cost a thing. Buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line, under $5. One good deed begets another

affectionately yours, Laura

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