Gratitude 1Oct13 Pray or worry; Don’t do Both ..

Modern day rapper, Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent, said in an interview “Either pray or worry; don’t do both.” Rather wise words for someone who is known best for “Go Shorty, it’s your birthday.” Hearing that was an Oprah “aha moment” for me and while it sounds rather simple, is quite a challenge to accomplish.

Recently, a mantra I have been using is ‘This is just a snapshot of my life. It’s is not the whole movie.” It puts things in perspective for myself is to acknowledgement what little control I have over things that worry me.

Recently, I shared a hurtful situation about not being included in a significant family gathering. It was a moment I had to make a choice. Unlike other times, this time my choice — was to feel the sad and release it. Pray or worry don’t do both.

I am very cognitive of my emotional energy barometer. Think about your life in terms of the energy you put into different areas of your life. How much goes to relationships, work, and all the extras. What energy are you left with for yourself? Or are you depleted when it comes to you?

I carefully chose what I spend my emotional energy on. I don’t allow anyone or participate in events that become emotion thieves that steal my energy. Sometimes the words of a bad boy rapper are a needed reality check.

Today I am thankful ..

  • The gift of prayer
  • New coffee flavor .. toasted southern pecan
  • Time with friends this week

Take a moment to examine your emotional barometer. Then adjust the temperature accordingly.

affectionately yours, Laura

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